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Mensch Crawler Bar Screen

Heavy-duty construction
Designed to handle most wastewater and raw water applications including severe service applications
No mechanical components, such as bearings or sprockets, permanently located underwater
All routine maintenance can be performed from operating floor level
3/8-inch thick, 34-inch wide side frames (minimum)
0.24-inch to 3 inch + bar spacings available
90 degree to 45 degree setting angles available (80 to 85 degree is the most popular setting angle range)
Submersible electric or submersible hydraulic drives are available
2-speed drives are available for deep channels
Dead plate and discharge chute can be heat traced and insulated for outdoor applications

Each Mensch Bar Screen is custom built to the exact specifications of each project. The unique frame design extends from the channel invert to the top of the unit providing structural integrity and reduces installation costs and the chance for installation error. Partial frames are also available. To guard against corrosion, reduce maintenance, and ensure years of productive operation, the rugged frame and the structural components and shafting is fabricated from stainless steel. The low maintenance pinrack/cogwheel drive system eliminates chains, lower sprockets and the need for permanently submerged moving parts.
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Shaftless Screw Conveyor, Model TF

The Model TF Shaftless Screw Conveyor is utilized for the transport of screenings, grit or sludge in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

The conveyor body can be constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel. The shaftless screw is available in high-strength alloy steel or stainless steel. The screw conveyor utilizes a fully enclosed U-trough with removable covers. The conveyor body is modular and custom-built for each application. Multiple inlet hoppers can be provided to allow solids from multiple sources to be accepted. UHMW polyethylene or metallic liners are mounted in the bottom of the U-trough and fully support the shaftless screw along its length.

For screenings applications, a compaction head can be provided on the discharge end of the conveyor to dewater and reduce the overall volume of screenings. A water flushing system is provided as an integral part of the compaction head to ensure that it remains clear of debris.
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Vistex Grit Removal System

The Vistex grit removal system automatically removes sediment by altering the flow velocity to allow the heaviest material to settle. The sediment can be removed via a grit pump or airlift pump where it can be dewatered in a grit classifier or washed and dewatered in a grit washer
Click for detailed product information, or email Craig Moore , phone 716-667-0714.

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Vulcan stair screen, installed in Wetzel Rd WWPT, Onondaga County

Vulcan stair screens, installed at the new Wetzel Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, Onondaga County