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Industrial Hydraulic Power Units

CE compliant hydraulic power units, pneumatic panels, equipment sound attenuation enclosures, Whisper Pak hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, hydraulic and pneumatic filtration systems, proportional/directional control valves, hose and tubing assemblies.

Our experience includes applications ranging from turbine speed control to water level management:
-High and low pressure electro-hydraulic control systems
-Remote gate positioning systems
-Electro-hydraulic governor control systems
-Turbine lubrication and cooling systems
-Crest, slide and roller gate control systems
-Turbine governor control

Our experience includes turbine system integration including turbine/generator rehabilitation, governor conversion and station automation. Services include the design, manufacture, installation supervision, commissioning and training for hydroelectric/water distribution systems.

Our experience also includes design, manufacture and commissioning of gas/steam turbine combined cycle diverter systems. Systems include hydraulic and electrical control equipment used for the operation of hot gas by-pass diverters. Systems installed and commissioned on a worldwide basis (United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India, Korea).

We also design and manufacture water distribution control systems including hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control equipment. Applications ranging from large scale reservoir intake gate operators and underwater valve actuator systems to control of 200,000 GPM pump outlet valves.
Email Craig Moore for detailed product information, phone 716-667-0714.

Power Generation Mechanical, Hydraulic & Electrical Control Systems

Turbine generator system integrator, hydroelectric turbine operating systems, power station automation, steam turbine hot gas by-pass diverter operating systems, turbine governor systems for wicket gate, runner blade, nozzle and needle control, bearing lubrication and cooling systems.
Email Craig Moore for detailed product information, phone 716-667-0714.

Lock & Dam/Flood Protection/Reservoir Level Gate Operating Systems

Navigational lock operating systems, municipal intake gate operating systems, floodgate operating systems, tainter gate, crest gate, roller gate, miter gate, jet flow gate, sluice gate, slide gate operating systems.
Email Craig Moore for detailed product information, phone 716-667-0714.

Wastewater Treatment Gate and Valve Operating Systems

Influent, effluent, regulator chamber gate operating systems, cone check, butterfly, plug valve operating systems, self-contained, submersible and explosion proof gate and valve operating systems. (Class 1 Division 1) Intake screen air burst systems.

V Pak Variable Displacement Power Units - 2 - 15 GPM

Pak style power units are ideal for many industrial applications. The space saving vertical style units are available with piston pumps and are designed for quiet and leak-free operation. Standard Parker filtration on each unit will help ensure a long service life.

Features Benefits
Vertical Design
Submerged Pump
Spare return ports
Precision Pump Mounting Adapters
Suction Strainer
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gage with Shut Off
Oil Level Gage with Thermometer
Relief Valve
Breather and Fill Cap
SAE drain plug
Parker connector technology
Saves floor space
Quieter operation, elimination of potential leak point
Longer pump life
Protects pump from contamination
Improved diagnostics
Helps to maintain trouble-free performance
Protects against system shock
Easy to fill reservoir
Prevents leaks

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